Advanced image and attachment support in Quill. Zero server setup.

Beautiful UI for your users. Backend server included. Image resizing. Upload authentication. CDN integration. Instead of coding for several days, get fully functional in 15 minutes.
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Drag to resize an image.

Drag the handle on the image to resize. A simple and familiar drag to resize experience.

File attachments.

Includes support for uploading any type of file attachments to your editor.

  • Video
  • Audio
  • PDF
  • Word Docs
  • Spreadsheet

Three ways to upload.

Drag and drop.

Drag and drop a file into the editor.


Paste a file using CTRL+V shortcut.

File picker.

Choose file using system file picker.

Multiple uploads

Supports single and multiple file uploads. Batch upload up to 100 images or file attachments at a time.

Editing while uploading.

Users get to keep editing while uploading. A progress bar let's them know how it's going.

It's the same great uploading experience users expect from popular apps like Google docs, Google Mail and Microsoft Office 365.

High DPI device support.

Deliver higher resolution images to high dot-per-inch devices. Show smaller images to low dot-per-inch devices.

Start in 15 minutes.

Have image uploading with resizing, and file attachments working in 15 minutes.

No component design and debugging, no building server back-ends, just images and attachments working perfectly in minutes.

Fast global file delivery.

Files are delivered using a high speed Content Delivery Network (CDN) with over 300 points of presence around the globe. Uses the same delivery network as Amazon.

Built to scale.

Architected to be scalable to massive websites with petabytes of images and file attachments.

No lock-in.

Love us now and leave us later. Designed so that there is no lock-in and it is easy to leave.

Backends you won't need to build
when you use Portive.

An upload service.

No need to figure out how to upload files securely from your app to your cloud hosting platform.

An image resize service.

No need to build or integrate with an image resizing service. Portive includes one.

Upload authentication.

No need to figure out how to have users upload files without letting malicious users use up your file space.

CDN integration.

No figuring out how to integrate a CDN with the upload and image resize service.

About us.

Founder is a core
contributor to Slate.

Sunny Hirai, one of the founders of Portive, is the second biggest contributor to the open-source Slate editor by number of commits.

Company has been providing web tools for over 20 years.

The company behind Portive is over 20 years old and has secured funding of over $1 million.

Cloud services for rich text editors.
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