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Portive is a new division of MeZine Inc. which was founded in 1999 by Sunny Hirai. The company has been building web tools, specializing in website builders and software components that helps users publish on the Internet. All of their software has included rich text editors.


Sunny Hirai

Sunny Hirai has been a startup founder in the Internet industry since 1996 as a co-founder and CTO of Suite101, a best of web guide to the Internet. In 1999 he founded and became CEO of MeZine Inc. where he helped create one of the first website builders on the Internet.

He is currently heading up Portive, a back-end for rich text editors, using his over 20 years of experience working on rich text editors for the web and building back-end services to support them. He currently has the second highest number of commits to the Slate Rich Text Editor (as well as working on several others), and has been a leader in contributing TypeScript support, Android support and to the reference documentation.


Scott Ward



Ziad Beyens, founder of UDecode creators of Plate,


Cloud services for rich text editors.
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