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What is Plate Cloud?

Plate Cloud is a partnership between Ziad Beyens and Portive to add cloud based Attachment and Image Uploading support with server-side image resizing to the Plate editor.

It is a partnership where Portive and Ziad Beyens have developed the Plate Cloud Plugin together. Portive helps support the continued development of the Plate editor by sharing a portion of its revenue.

Plate Cloud is part of Portive's goal to create a company around the idea of sustainable open source which we call sup.portive.

Who is involved?

Can I use Plate Cloud Beta in production?

Yes you can!

We haven't experienced any unplanned outages related to delivering assets or uploading.

Using Plate Cloud and Portive will deliver higher uptime than rolling your own asset management platform.

How long has portive been around?

22 Years. Portive and its parent company MeZine Inc. has been in the business of building web tools for over 22 years now (since 2000) meaning it has been around longer than YouTube.

How are my uploads protected?

Uploads are stored in Amazon S3 which provides 99.999999999% durability. You can read more about Amazon S3 durability here

The URLs to all your uploads can be found in your Plate editor's Value which is stored in your database. You can write a short script to extract the URLs and download your uploads at any time for extra protection.

What's in the future for Plate Cloud

We will bring more cloud based services that work with the Plate editor. Some ideas we have planed are:

Cloud services for rich text editors.
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